Maternity Reflexology   

Reflexology is a beautiful and safe therapy that can be practiced during pregnancy, labour and post-pregnancy. 
During pregnancy, the mother goes through a lot of physical and emotional changes, and irregularities may occur. Reflexology helps to promote physical homeostasis and emotional equilibrium as well as it helps to create an ideal environment in which the baby can grow and develop with ease. 
During childbirth, Reflexology is invaluable in helping calm and relax the mother. It reduces pain and promotes a shorter term of labour. 
Post-natal, Reflexology helps the mother’s body to return to its natural state. It helps increasing the milk’s production and quality, and gives the mother the energy to cope and enjoy her baby. 


During Pregnancy: 
Helps to relax 
Helps to ease back, sciatica, pelvic pain 
Helps to reduce oedema, fluid retention 
Releases fatigue, brings calm and renewed energy 
Helps to release digestive issues such as heartburn, IBS, ulcers... 
Boosts immune system 
Reduces morning sickness 
During Labour: 
Relaxes and calms the mother so that the uterine muscles are relaxed thus reducing pain and discomfort during contractions and making more space and ease during the birth 
Helps reducing the lenght of the birth 
Prepares the body for labour as Reflexology acts on the endocrine system which is the main body system involved in pregnancy and labour 
The new born arrives more content and healthier 
Promotes the natural expulsion of the placenta, thus avoiding chemical drugs 
Helps the mother to recover faster 
Increases the quality and production of milk 






Even though Reflexology is a very safe, effective and enjoyable therapy and does not interfere with the viability of the pregnancy, the treatment is performed after the first 12 weeks when everything has adjusted and settled into pregnancy, and it is not recommended to perform the treatment when there is: 
- Any threat of a miscarriage 
- Any threat of a major heart problem or DVT 
- Any threat of a blood clot 
- Cancer treatment 
- Sudden or any form of vaginal bleeding 
- Any severe acute symptoms (such as severe migraine, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhoea, chronic morning sickness, inability to stand up, incoherence...) 
Any of these the person must be referred immediately to medical care. 
For anyone under medication, a medical permission might be required. 


Reflexology Treatments 

Child & Adolescent Reflexology (30-40 min) 
Maternity Reflexology (60 min) (package option) 

Reflexology Treatments 

Child & Adolescent Reflexology  
30-40 min 
Maternity Reflexology (package option)  
60 min 

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"I had a lovely, relaxing maternal reflexology session with Laura. It helped me to destress, and that night I slept all the way through for the first time in months!" 
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