Fertility Reflexology   

Most of infertility problems are caused by biological or unexplained issues. Reflexology helps to restore physical and emotional balance and homeostasis (for both male and female) and prepares the best environment within the body for the incoming soul. 
If you are trying to conceive naturally, it is recommended to get regular treatments ideally before ovulation and after implantation. 
If you are under assisted reproductive treatments, it is advised to get Reflexology treatments 3-4 months before and then between the drug treatment cycles. 
If you are planning to conceive within a year or 2, why not starting to prepare the best environment for creating life with 1 or 2 sessions monthly? 


Helps to bring the body back into balance and releases stagnation 
Helps to restore hormonal imbalance 
Brings relaxation, comfort and support 





Reflexology and Hypnotherapy Package   

 Fertility issues? We are here to support you. 

A Fertility Reflexology treatment helps couples to restore balance and promote good strong health and vitality in their systems, organs, and hormonal glands that are involved with reproduction and conception. It also helps release stress and bring deep Relaxation both physical and emotional. Thus, Fertility Reflexology encourages natural conception as well as supporting a medically assisted conception. 
Hypnosis is a powerful tool that creates a state of heightened awareness during which hypnotic suggestions are used to replace outdated programs and create lasting changes. While hypnosis and hypnotherapy will not directly help you get pregnant, it will help in the process of you becoming ready to conceive. Hypnosis can be used to alleviate the intense anxiety around fertility treatments, increase positive thinking, and relax thoughts of self-doubt and self-blame. 
Want to learn more about the benefits of Hypnotherapy, then go to Nadija Bajrami's website. Click here! 
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Reflexology Treatments 

Fertility Reflexology (60 min) (package option) 
Package Reflexology + Hypnotherapy: 
3 x Reflexology sessions (3 x 60min) 
3 x Hypnotherapy sessions (1 x 90min + 2 x 60min) 

Reflexology Treatments 

Fertility Reflexology (package option)  
60 min 
Package Reflexology + Hypnotherapy: 
3 x Reflexology sessions  
3 x Hypnotherapy sessions  
3 X 60 min 
1 X 90min +  
2 X 60min 

  Gift Vouchers are available contact me to find out more   

"Laura is a gifted reflexologist. She is very knowledgeable and experienced and her treatments are so therapeutic and relaxing. I highly recommend her, very special!" 
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