Facial Rejuvenation Reflexology   

As well as the feet, the face maps the whole body. All over the face, there are many reflex areas and meridians (energy channels) connected to the body’s organs, hormonal glands and tissues. These areas are sensitive and react to stimulus and signals sent by the body. Indeed, everything we feel is expressed through the face. Therefore, our face is the mirror to our physical and mental health. 
Facial Rejuvenation Reflexology is a powerful holistic therapy which helps to stimulate the body’s own healing properties and detoxification as much as it works to rejuvenate the face. This treatment enhances the complexion, soften the skin, improves the skin tone, releases the tensions form facial muscles, reduces puffiness, slows down the process of aging. At the end of the treatment you will feel deeply relaxed with a beautiful glow. 

The treatment includes: 

Lymphatic drainage: to detoxify, boost the immune system, assist the circulatory system, reduce puffiness. 
Face reflexology: to connect with and balance the body's systems, to activate the body's healing process. 
Meridians stimulation: to improve the whole body's energy, relax and balance the brain and head area, lift the mood. 
Jade roller cool down: to improve the serum absorption, brighten the complexion, reduce redness if any, calm irritated skin, help with de-puffing, encourage blood and lymph circulation. 

The Benefits: 

Improves blood and lymph ciculation to face & head 
Helps to tone muscles in the face 
Reduces tensions and stiffness in the muscles of face & head 
Helps the skin to regenerate quicker 
Helps to relieve congestion & stagnation (sinus, hay-fever, headaches...) 
Improves complexion 
Relaxes vagus nerve, thus relaxes the whole body 


Even though the treatment is a very safe, effective and enjoyable, it is not recommended to perform the treatment when there is: 
- Recent face surgery 
- Botox or derma fillers less than a month 
- Allergy to essential oil, products... 
- Contagious area 
- Elderly, recent or current sickness 
For anyone with whiplash, pains or aches in neck and head area, a medical permission must be required. 






Facial Rejuvenation Reflexology 

Facial Rejuvenation Reflexology (60min) X 1 single treatment  
Facial Rejuvenation Reflexology (60min) X 4 package 4 treatments 
Facial Rejuvenation Reflexology 
60 min 
Package Facial Rejuvenation Reflexology 
4 x 60min 

  Gift Vouchers are available contact me to find out more   

"Her reflexology treatment is outstanding. I feel a physical and emotional sense of well-being following treatment" 
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