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The Vertical & Horizontal Lines The Spine & the Diaphragm 

No matter what health condition the patient is coming for, I always work on the Spine, Diaphragm & Solar Plexus Reflex areas first. 
Reflexology Foot Chart

Unblock these Reflexes to maintain Good Health! 

The Spine reflex (vertical line) if blocked: 
- affects the nerve's conduction 
- creates back, muscular tensions 
The Diaphragm reflex (horizontal line) if blocked: 
- reduces blood & lymphatic circulation 
- breathing tensions 
- reduces cells' supply & elimination 
The Solar Plexus reflex (horizontal line - on the Diaphragm line) if blocked: 
- accumulation of nervous tension/stress 
- breathing difficulty 
- can affect the digestive system 


Why not regularly massage these Reflex areas on your Feet to benefit your well-being? 


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