In our fast-paced world, stress is part of our everyday life. Stress can arise from physical or mental trauma as well. It is helpful when we are facing danger and need to react quickly. Also, stress increases the ability to do many things and to work faster. Thus, it can have positive effects. But when it becomes chronic and lasts over time, stress has a negative impact on physical and mental conditions. The body becomes imbalanced, and health is at risk. 
Unresolved stress has been shown to have numerous adverse effects on the body. When we feel stressed, stress hormones are released. It triggers then a complex mechanism within the body that optimizes the ability to «fight or flight». For instance: the heart rate increases, the breathing quickens, the muscles contract, the liver releases extra sugar into the bloodstream to get more energy but the excess of cortisol shuts down the insulin action, and thoughts, emotions, and feelings become unpleasant. 
If symptoms of stress continue, the body's systems' natural functioning is affected, eventually leading to anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. 
Foot Reflexology is an incredible support to deal with stress. As it works on all the body's systems, organs, hormonal glands & tissues, it helps to regulate their activity and bring the body back into balance and a deep state of relaxation. 
During treatment for stress management, the Reflexologist focuses on working on different systems, including: 
- the nervous system: to stimulate nerve conduction, to relax a busy mind and all the pressure felt in the head area, 
- the respiratory system: to slow down the breathing and bring it back to a normal/natural rhythm, 
- the muscular system: to release muscular tensions that mainly cause back, shoulders, and neck pain, 
- the endocrine system: to regulate the production and secretion of hormones, 
- the digestive system: to help recover normal and healthy digestion that can be affected by stress and gives that burning, cramping or bloating sensation, 
- the lymphatic system: to boost the immune system weakened by stress. 
After a few treatments, my clients suffering from stress and anxiety have reported feeling more grounded, relaxed, lighter, focused, and energized, with better sleep, approaching life with more confidence and enthusiasm. 
Mental and physical health work hand in hand. Thus, relaxing the body benefits the mind and significantly diminishes stress feeling. However, it is essential to understand the roots of stress and what triggers it to sustain the benefits of Reflexology. I will write about that topic in another post. 
If you want to find out more about the benefits of reflexology visit my website or if you want to book an appointment click here. 
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