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Reflexology Treatment &  Its Effects 

The purpose of Reflexology treatments is to activate the body's healing process and to bring it back into balance. 
During the treatment, when manipulating the Reflex points, the Reflexologist either sedates the organ, gland, or tissue if hyperactive or stimulates it, if low in energy. Which activates the harmonious adjustment of the body's systems. 
During the healing process (after the treatment), the patient may feel tired, the patient may experience tension and aches, or even emotional turmoil. 
They are all signs of detoxification. Toxins are brought to the surface to be eliminated. Thus, they won't stay stagnant within the body nor spread deeper into the organisms, which can lead to physical or emotional damage and disease. 
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The process of detox & healing with Reflexology is not always easy. The more there are toxins accumulated, the more likely the patient will have side effects that can last for a few days: headaches, feelings of thirst, exhaustion, aches & tension, nausea, sadness... 
Toxins can come from traumas, food&drinks, social environment, thoughts... 
This is why it is essential to have regular Reflexology treatments to maintain good health, and to keep as much as possible a healthy life to enhance the benefits of Reflexology. 
Health is a life journey, Make Your Health Your Priority! 




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