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Reflexology - A Holistic Therapy 

The word "Holistic" comes from the Greek word "Holos" meaning "entire" or "all". Indeed, Reflexology is a therapy that looks at the whole person. 
When Reflexologists treat their patient, they don't only focus on the symptoms, the disability, or the pathology, we take into consideration five aspects of health including physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual. 
This leads to a broader concept of care in which a patient's holistic needs must be met to enhance the benefits of Reflexology treatments and to maximize health and well-being. 
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Why "Reflex"-ology? 

It is a scientific fact that a reflex is an involuntary, unconscious, automatic, and nearly instantaneous movement in response to a stimulus. 
Reflexology is based on the theory that the feet are mapping the whole body. By applying Reflexology pressure and massage technic on a specific area of the feet, it will stimulate and affect the organ, gland, or tissue this area (called Reflex area/point) is connected with. 
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Reflexology & the Nervous System 

About 7000 nerve endings have been found on each foot. These nerves run through the whole body and transmit signals between the brain and the rest of the body. Also, many mechanic receptors on the soles send neuro-stimuli to the brain. 
Thus, a Foot Reflexology treatment stimulates the Nervous system and puts your body and mind into a state of deep relaxation which creates the perfect environment for your cells to grow, repair, and reproduce. 
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The Power of Intention 

To provide the most efficient treatment to their client, Reflexologists create the best treatment plan to address the health condition and set an intention: good Health, well-being, and homeostasis for the patient. 
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